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Hey Everyone, so with Christmas literally 12 days away I have decided to dedicate this blog post to outfit inspiration for over the festive season. I absolutely love Christmas but deciding what to wear on Christmas day can sometimes be a pain! When choosing an outfit I like to make sure I’m comfortable but still feel like I made an effort to dress up (a little) as I have so much running around to do on the day seeing family so comfort is definitely key. Here are some of my favourite pieces I spotted on Asos, everything is in stock too and Asos does next day delivery so you are sure to have it in time for Christmas day. Simply click on the image to redirect you to the buy section on the website, Happy Shopping!

img_2910img_2915img_2914img_2913img_2918img_2911-1img_2921img_2917img_2916img_2926img_2925img_2920img_2923img_2922img_2924img_2934img_2943img_2936img_2940img_2938img_2941img_2939img_2933img_2935img_2909img_2944-1img_2962-1img_2967-1img_2965-1img_2964-1img_2961-1img_2971-1img_2966-1img_2959-1img_2969-1img_2973-1img_2972-1img_2970-1img_2996-1img_2968-1img_3009-1img_3008-1img_3010-1img_3012-1img_3011-1img_3013-1img_2945img_2994-1img_2949-1img_2952-1img_2950-1img_2958-1img_2957-1img_2951-1img_2948-1img_2953-1img_2960-1img_2956-1img_2963-1img_2955-1img_2954-1img_2993-1img_3015-1img_3004-1img_3005-1img_3001-1img_2974-1img_2975-1img_2979-1img_2978-1img_2976-1img_2977-1img_2983-1img_2981-1img_2980-1img_2982-1img_2987-1img_2986-1img_2984-1img_2988-1img_2991-1img_2989-1img_2990-1img_2998-1img_2992-1img_2947img_2999-1img_3014-1img_2942img_2932img_2929img_2931img_2930img_2927img_2946img_2928img_3006-1Steph X

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