Brush Picks Part 2

So I am back with Part 2 on this Black Friday! Since Monday Blank Canvas have launched their 30% off discount code. I’ll be mentioning a few of them here aswell as some other of my faves.

In the last blog post I kept it about all the base brushes, if you haven’t read it just yet I’ll pop it here Brush Picks Part 1. I’m going to dedicate this one to my all time favourite eye brushes, liner brushes and brow brushes. Your eyes can dramatically change a makeup look so what brushes you use is vital in helping you to create one. As a working Makeup artist these are my tools for my work so quality is a must aswell as affordability.


TOP TIP… If you want a seemless blend make sure your brush is clean, a dirty brush will never give you the blended look you’re hoping to achieve and that goes with every makeup brush.

Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer

This brush helps create the most blended smokey eye you could imagine. The brush hairs are a mixture of natural and synthetic hair. I use this brush for my transition shade or to smoke out any harsh edges as it does it so well. Because of the shape of this fluffy brush it can also be used to create even a defined eye look! it retails at €10.50.

ZOEVA 221 Luxe Soft Crease

Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease

Another fab brush from Zoeva. This blends eyeshadow beautifully! Its super fluffy and it’s soft hairs allow for a gorgeous finish to any eye look, especially transition shades. It retails for €10.50.

Makeup Brush 6SS

Inglot 6SS

If you don’t own this brush by now BUY IT!! I bought my first one of these a few months back after hearing such good things about it and I was delighted with it. The large head allows for a super soft eye look in seconds. This is a brush I would definitely use on a everyday basis. It retails at a pricey €20 but oh so worth it!

E01 ROUND EYE BLENDING BRUSH | DefaultBlank Canvas E01 Round Eye Blending Brush

I always recommend that if you’re not comfortable with doing your eye makeup go for a smaller brush. Reason being is you will have more control over where the placement of the eyeshadow goes. This brush from Blank Canvas is perfect for creating a smokey eye but without the fear factor of making a mess. It’s small but definitely blends away any harsh edges with ease. It retails at €8 but is now reduced to €5.60.

Blank Canvas E08

The E08 is a must for applying eyeshadow to the lid or for smudging out the under eye shadow. I like to use this brush for applying a darker shadow all over the lid for a more pigmented look and using a fluffy brush to blend out any harsh edges. It retails at €7 but reduced to €4.90.

E27 Cute Mini Detailer | DefaultBlank Canvas E27 Mini Detailer

I love this brush as it has so many uses! I use this for applying highlighter to certain parts of the eye for e.g. brow bone and inner tear duct etc.. It’s also great for applying glitters to the eye because of the size and flat head it precisely applies it. Another use for it is for deepening the outer corner of the eye while still allowing for a soft look. It retails at €7 but reduced to €4.90.

E37 PENCIL (Vegan Friendly) | DefaultBlank Canvas E37 Pencil

Pencil brushes are a must for creating that super smokey under eye look. I would be lost without this one from Blank Canvas. The hairs are dense but super soft so you can still achieve that soft blown out look. It’s a good one for smoking out the upper lash line aswell. Retailing at €7 now reduced to €4.90.

Makeup Brush 31T

Inglot 31T

The best liner brush I have tried so far from Inglot. I use this for all my makeovers aswell as my own makeup and it is the dream for creating the perfect flick. The tip allows for a smooth application of gel liner for the flick and the rest of the brush defines the eye.

It washes amazingly and lasts so well. I also use this brush for applying brow gel to my brows. Double the benefits! It retails at €14.

So there you have it my top picks for Eyes! I have hyperlinked all the brush names to the websites where you can purchase and using the Black Friday discount codes available online to get them at a reduced price!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Steph Xx

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