Brush Picks Part 1

Happy Monday everyone! I’m back with another blog post this week and I’ve decided to do one all about brushes. If you don’t know by now but the key to a flawless finish to any makeup look is good clean brushes so I am all about quality over quantity when it comes to finding the right ones. There is an array of brush brands out there to choose from at the moment so it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide on a brand firstly and secondly what type so I hope this post helps some of you out. I have broken this post into two parts, the first part being all about the base. Keep an eye out for Part 2 which will be all about eyes and brows.


So lets start with the basics shall we! We all love a good flawless base wether it be sheer, medium or if you’re like me full coverage, I know basic or what… I have tried so many foundation brushes over the years but lately I stick to these 3 and I’ll explain why.

Blank Canvas F20

This foundation brush is a must have if you want your makeup to look flawless in seconds! It quickly buffs your makeup in for you while doing all the hard work. The flat head also works as a buffer, I gently press the brush into areas where I want more coverage. Its super soft and washes really well. I have about 4 of these in my kit as I just love using it! Blank Canvas have designed this with 3 different colour handles so there is a colour to suit everyone too! It retails at €14.99 or if you wanted to save some cash and buy a double pack for €20.00 I,ve linked it above simply click on the brush title.

Image result for ayu buffer brush

AYU Buffer Brush

This is another favourite of mine. I discovered the AYU brushes when Aimee Connolly gifted me with her set at the launch of Sculpted The Academy a few months ago. I have been hooked on the buffer brush ever since. It literally gives the most flawless finish while allowing your foundation to keep its coverage all thanks to the densely packed fibres. It’s a really good one for mineral foundation I find too, but it works just as good with liquid or creams. It retails at €13.50 and is available online or in selected pharmacies.

Zoeva 112 Face Curve

This is the holy grail when it comes to flat foundation brushes. I adore this for a full coverage finish. It allows the foundation to gently move around the face using the curve tip on top and its super soft! Its unlike any other flat foundation brush I’ve tried. It washes amazingly too. It retails at €16.00 and is available online, Arnotts Department Store or Brown Thomas.


A concealer brush is without a doubt the best buy you will ever make for your makeup. Trust me. So with that being said here are my faves.

Blank Canvas E36 Large Concealer

This brush is fab. I love how it applies concealer especially to the under eye area. Its super soft so it blends the product beautifully leaving a super flawless finish. I also love that it doubles up as an eyeshadow brush! The brush quality is really good for the price and it washes really well! I have mine over a year now and it’s still like new. It retails at €8.00.

142 Concealer and Buffer Brush

Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush

Another concealer brush must have! This brush is more rounded in comparison to the blank canvas one. It’s brilliant for buffing in liquid concealer to the under eye area and on the face for extra needed coverage. It retails at €10.13  but it’s currently reduced on Beauty Bay for €8.10.


So now that we have the base covered lets talk powder brushes. I am all about setting your base as it helps the rest of your makeup to sit on so much better. If you’re a pressed, loose or mineral powder gal here are my faves.

E3 Elite II Precision Pointed Powder Brush

Morphe E3 Elite II Precision Pointed Powder Brush

This powder brush is brush goals!! Its my go-to powder brush. I love the tapered head design for setting every part of the face with such accuracy. It’s SUPER soft, like unbelievably soft and it gives the nicest finish with most powders. I use this with a pressed powder mainly. It retails at €21.91 normally on Beauty Bay but right now its reduced to €11 absolute BARGAIN!!

Blank Canvas Dimension Series F39

Another powder brush must have from Blank Canvas. This is a large dome powder brush ideal for setting the whole face aswell as the under eye area. The synthetic fibres help to make this brush super soft and easy to clean. It retails at €14.99 on the Blank Canvas website.

Contour, Highlight & Blush.

The hardest components in every makeup look to achieve is contour, highlight and blush but having the right brush to apply each is essential for doing just that. I used to never wear blusher but as the years went on and I found the right brushes to help me apply it I’ve fallen in love with it. Contour has become the most popular makeup trend over the last few years but it’s not going anywhere yet! It’s all in the brushes when it comes to a super soft & natural contoured look. As for highlighter, how much you want to be seen from space depends on the application.

Blank Canvas F15

The blank canvas F15 is a favourite of mine for contouring. It’s a small tapered tip brush which makes it ideal for sculpting the face. What I love about this brush is the versatility and ability to create a soft natural contoured look or by holding the brush hairs a little tighter a more defined contoured look. It retails at €15.01.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush

Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush

This is the most gorgeous blusher brush I have ever owned. The angle of this brush allows for a natural finish to any powder blush. The hairs are made from high quailty natural synthetic hair blend so as you can imagine it’s so soft! It retails at €14.63 but is now reduced to €11.70 on Beauty Bay.

Blank Canvas F28 Fluffy Powder Contour Brush

This brush is described as a contour brush but I absolutely love using this for highlighter! The soft pony hair fibres make this brush amazing for applying highlighter to all parts of the face. It allows you to create a subtle highlighted look or an intense one whichever your preference. It retails at €9.00.

So that’s it for Part 1 everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the post! With it being Black Friday this week be sure to check out Blank Canvas Cosmetics for their amazing discounts on their website aswell as Beauty Bay that has 30% off too!

Happy Shopping,

Steph X

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