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Paris – The City of Love

Happy Tuesday everyone! So this is my official first post on the blog and I just couldn’t leave out our trip to the beautiful city Paris from last week. I had so many questions on snapchat that I got back to but we all know the situation with snapchat and how it expires after 24 hours. In most cases we would be thankful for that (que the Saturday Night flashbacks) but for information not so much. Therefore my reasoning for writing this post, so lets begin shall we!


I love a good bargain as much as the next person but especially on flights! When traveling abroad booking flights is almost the first thing a majority of us do and sometimes the price can hinder us to where we actual travel too. When I first priced the flights they were around €350 each! MADNESS!! So I did my research and found cheaper flights into Beauvais Airport instead of Charles De Gaulle (CDG). I managed to purchase return flights for €60 for the both of us. I did some googling (good owl trusty google) on transport from the airport into the city and I managed to find a shuttle bus service that is available right outside the airport. It cost €35 per person return and you can purchase a return ticket at the ticket office when you arrive. The shuttle bus is an hour and a half long so make sure to pop to the loo beforehand!


I love hotels, there is something about staying in one that gets me super excited so when I was searching for our hotel I was blown away with the hotels in Paris. The interiors inside some of them would make you want to live there! Anyways, I don’t have that much money so I’m going to erase that thought from my brain. When booking hotels I always use It’s really simple to use and always gives you the best deals. I like using the Map setting, I zoom into the area where I want to stay and it gives you a list of hotels in the area along with the star rating and price. In the end I booked the Marceau Champs- Élysées. It ticked all the boxes for me with location, price and wifi! One Night stay cost €160 mid week excluding breakfast, that was an extra €12pp. The room was a standard city size, we actually managed to get an upgrade to a deluxe double which was a nice gesture of the hotel. But even that size room was small, we didn’t mind as we weren’t in the room during the day. Location was mainly what I was after, I didn’t want to get taxis everywhere and as I don’t do public transport at home, I definitely wouldn’t do it abroad, super lazy I know! Everything was within walking distance from the hotel. Eiffel Tower about 20 minutes away, shopping and restaurants 10 minutes away, it was absolutely perfect.


As it was my first time in Paris with Chris to celebrate his birthday and our 4 year anniversary so I wanted to eat somewhere fab that had cocktails! Essentials. I was in Barcelona on a press trip back in March and we ate in Buddha Bar over there which was amazing so I had to go and check out the one in Paris. It didn’t disappoint, the food was amazing aswell as the cocktails (€19 a pop might I add) but the overall feel in Buddha Bar is super cool and funky.

City Sights.

I think at one stage on the Wednesday I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. Literally. Paris is just breathtakingly beautiful. From the architecture of buildings to the monuments it’s just WOW. We went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower on the first day and the views were stunning. We got super lucky with the weather while over there too, both days were great weather wise! It was chilly but nothing a jacket couldn’t fix. There are lots to do and see so if you plan on seeing everything there is a taxi boat that drops you off at each location around the city. We had the whole day to spare so we walked around everywhere and we got to see Paris in all its glory.

Overall I would highly recommend Paris for a romantic break away with the other half. It is for sure the city of love and I would definitely go back in a heartbeat. It is quite expensive over there so make sure to bring extra cash if you plan on doing a lot while over there but it’s worth it!

If you have made it to the end of the post thank you for taking time out of your day to read it! Finally, now that I have a website set up for some content I will try to keep the posts regular for you all 😊

Steph X


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7 thoughts on “Paris – The City of Love”

  1. Such a brilliant piece… easy to read and great tips!! Definitely makes me want to make the trip….you write so naturally…love it 👍👍👍👍


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