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Current Skincare Routine

Hey All, Happy Monday!

After a few snow days I’m sure we are all dying to get back to normality today. One thing I enjoyed over the last few days was the lack of makeup I wore, my skin is better than ever lately. I obviously have some products I’ve been using the last few weeks to thank for that as well as some skincare treatments I’ve had done. Some of you may remember last year my skin went through an awful time, I was waking up everyday with a new breakout and my skincare routine at the time was no longer working for me. I made it my 2018 goal to take proper care of my skin, mainly because of the breakouts but because of how it made me feel. Day to day I tend to wear less makeup when my skin is good but I started wearing more makeup to cover up the breakouts and the marks and I knew that had to stop. I wanted to enjoy wearing makeup again. That’s when I decided to take a trip out to The Skin Boutique. I purchased the Image Post Treatment pack to trial the Image products before I committed myself to any full size products.

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After using the products for about a week I noticed I didn’t breakout at all, my skin was improving each day.  The pack cost €19.95 and is available to buy in The Skin Boutique.

My skin was in desperate need of a treatment, I had a lot of congestion under the skin that needed to be targeted and I knew the skincare wouldn’t be enough to sort it out. I booked in for a peel with Lisa and she suggested the “Signature Facelift VIP Peel” I had two peels done while using the skincare and I seen a huge improvement to the overall texture to my skin. The peels are €100 each using only Image products. While my skin looked and felt better I was still left with a lot of marking, especially on the right-hand side of my face from the breakouts. Lisa suggested a course of micro-needling with the Rejuvapen once the breakouts had stopped. I’ve had two sessions of micro-needling done to date and I’ve another session booked in 2 weeks time. The sessions are €200 each, I would highly recommend this treatment if your skin has been marked from acne or if you suffer with pigmentation. It has changed my skin completely! So many people ask is it sore, honestly it didn’t hurt at all as I was numbed prior to both sessions and the redness lasts for about 2 days afterwards.

While I was receiving the micro-needling I was stocking up on full size Image products each week off Lisa’s recommendation. I’ve become obsessed with my skincare again after seeing the results from sticking to it. I’ll list below what I’ve been using, but this will not suit everyone. I would highly recommend to go to a professional and get a skin consultation first before buying products.


The Image Ormedic balancing facial cleanser worked so well for my skin after trying it out from the post-treatment pack that Lisa suggested I bought the full size. I love how it doubles up as a cleanser and toner so no need for two products. Great for getting that squeaky clean feeling. I use this morning and night time. It retails at €35 and can be bought here.

Daytime Moisturizer

daily matte moisturizer oil-free SPF 32 by Image Skincare

After I tried out the Prevention+ SPF 50 moisturizer I knew it was too heavy for my skin. I have oily skin so I went with the Daily Matte Oil Free SPF 32. It’s oil free so an ideal product for anyone who has oily skin that wants protection and hydration in one. It retails at €45.50 and you can buy here.

Night Time Moisturizer


Total Repair Creme by Image Skincare

I was a little nervous about using this product as it contains Retinol. Retinol is an active ingredient that helps with reducing fine lines, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, improves overall skin texture and tightens pores. Honestly, this Image Ageless Total Repair Creme is an absolute must have for me. I use it every second night as it’s too strong to be used every night. When you first start to use it your skin will breakout, a lot. Reason for that is retinol increases our cell turnover quicker than average. If you suffer with regular breakouts your skin is more than likely going to have some congestion under the skin waiting to come out in the form of a breakout and the retinol does this quicker for us. Basically your skin gets worse before it gets better. It plumps and hydrates the skin like no other moisturizer I have used as well as anti-aging factors. It is pricey but so worth it if your serious about having good skin. It retails at €78.00 and can be bought here.


Image result for trilogy rosehip oil

After the micro-needling session its completely normal for your skin to peel and flake off. My skin was so dehyrated I needed something to help with boosting the hydration back into my skin. After seeing this on Tara O’Farrell’s snapchat a good few times I decided to buy it and try it out for myself. I noticed a huge difference to the hydration in my skin just 3 days after using this serum. I alternate between this and the Ageless Total Repair Creme at night time. It retails at €19.95 and can be bought here.

Iluma Intense Lightening Serum by Image Skincare

I’m sure most of you are aware of the Iluma Intense Lightening serum from Image. I’ve seen reviews about how good this is but it was only until I started using this product myself I realized why. I use it every morning before my moisturizer and it gives my skin a gorgeous glow underneath. It brightens up the skin and soothes any redness. I used it morning and nighttime after my first micro-needling session and it helped calm down the redness. A little goes a long way with this serum. It retails at €51.50 and can be bought here.


Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque by Image Skincare

Exfoliation is so important when it comes down to having good skin. Dead skin cells block products like serums and oils from penetrating down to the deeper layers of the skin so it’s essential to get rid of them regularly by exfoliating. Image Vital C is a brilliant product for exfoliating the skin and giving the skin a little boost of hydration. I use this product 3 times a week and it brightens my skin up so much every time I use it. I love that its a masque you can leave it on overnight if needed and it doesn’t over exfoliate the skin. It retails at €42 and can be bought here.

Eye cream

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II 15ml

I picked up the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye cream in the Airport when we went to Paris back in November. I would have never been one to use an eye cream but I did start to notice some fine lines appearing the last few months particularly on the sides of my eyes so I wanted to invest in a good one. This is AMAZING. I always wake up the next day noticing less fine lines and my under eye area looks brighter and tighter. I’ve suffered with dark under eye circles as long as I can remember and since I started using this cream they’re less visible. It retails at €49.45 and can be bought here.

So that’s everything I have been using on my skin the last few weeks. A huge thank you to the girls out in The Skin Boutique for looking after me with treatments and skincare. I feel back to myself again and I’m feeling confident without the makeup. I have also made some changes to my diet and tried drinking more water regularly as I wasnt drinking enough. I found a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in warm water every morning also helped with my skin.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and thanks for reading,

Steph X



Hair Care

Hey everyone, so I’ve decided to do a blogpost on the products that I use to keep my hair healthy and blonde. If you’re blonde you will know that it’s the hardest colour to maintain. I have literally dyed my hair every single colour and blonde is by far the hardest to keep healthy in my opinion but with saying that I’ve managed to keep my hair in good condition since I made the transition from brunette to blonde in the past 2 years.

Colour talk.

The most frequently asked question I get is “what colour do you get”? So basically I get a bleach tint and a P02 toner. What that is is an all over blonde tint using bleach and peroxide that is applied to my roots. The toner is then applied to my hair after the colour has been done. As you can imagine this can be quite damaging to the hair so it’s best to be done by a professional who knows what they’re doing. Amy Bejaoui, a Wella Master Colourist based in House of Colour Charlestown has been doing my hair at home since June last year and she is amazing I cannot recommend her enough.

Home Care.

When it comes to any hair colour the products you use at home are really the most important thing you can use to keep your hair in tip top condition. I wash my hair every 3-4 days, some weeks I’d leave it longer as over washing is bad for your hair. So here are my favourite products to use…

•Kevin Murphy Repair Me Wash

One of my favourite shampoos to use. It really does help repair the hair while leaving it super clean. I’m also a big fan of the Honey like consistency!

•Alfaparf Reparative ShampooThis is also a great shampoo to use to help keep hair in great condition. A little definitely goes a long way with this product.

•L’Oréal Silver Shampoo I absolutely love this silver shampoo. I’ve tried so many purple/silver shampoos and this is by far the best one I’ve used. It doesn’t leave your hair with a greyish hue in fact it cleans out any brassiness while leaving the blonde super fresh and clean. I generally use this every few washes.

•Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Conditioner

Ok, so this product is a must have for blondes. Not only does it leave the hair super soft it’s blue tone works like a blue shampoo for the hair. You can leave this on for a few minutes and let the conditioner work like a treatment while it cleans out any brassiness. I’d prefer this product over a purple shampoo any day!

•Joico Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner

This is another great conditioner for blondes. It brightens and conditions while leaving the hair looking healthy. I love using this product and then spraying my hair with the Joico Blonde Life Brightening Veil, it gives the most amazing shine to blonde hair.

•Label M Protein Spray

I recently started using this product after my hairdresser gave it to me as a gift a few weeks ago and I love it. The protein spray has made a huge difference to the overall feel of my hair when blow drying it. It helps to keep my hair looking and feeling smoother. It also protects against any heat damage caused by my the hairdryer, ghd or wand aswell as any UV damage that can dry out blonde hair.

•Wella Oil Reflections I saved the best product till last. This oil is a must have. Not only does it smell amazing it gives the most amazing shine to all hair colours particularly blondes. I apply it to my hair while damp and blow dry as normal.


As I previously mentioned blonde hair is the hardest hair colour to keep looking healthy, but with good hair care at home and regular hair treatments that can be achieved not forgetting having a good hairdresser. Olaplex is one of the best hair treatments out there. I use this before I’m due to get my colour done as it prevents my hair from snapping off and throughout also. It’s quite pricey but definitely worth it. I leave this in my hair overnight too 👌🏻

So there you have it, my go to hair products I use to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy while staying blonde! Hope you enjoyed ❤️

Stephanie x


Amsterdam Trip

Happy Monday all, so I’m back with a new blogpost and the first for 2018! It’s all about our trip to Amsterdam last weekend and I cannot wait to share this post with you all. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities to visit, and seeing that it was my third time over there we still managed to find new places and make new memories. There’s so much to do and see that you’ll never find yourself bored!

Flights & Accomodation.

Let’s start with the basics shall we! I booked our flights at the end of November for January, considering it was 6 weeks away we still managed to get a good deal. Flights cost €160 for the both of us return with Ryanair. I’m pretty sure the last time we went we paid more so it depends on the airline and time of year you are going. Skyscanner is an app I use to find the cheapest flights. All you have to do is pop in your dates and where you want to fly too and it lists different airlines and prices! Very handy app to have if you’re a frequent flyer or someone who loves a bargain!

The hotel we went with this time around was the Grand Hotel Amrath Located roughly 10 minutes away from the train station. We had previously stayed in the Hotel Port Die Van Cleve which is situated behind Dam Square, another good hotel.

The Amrath had a lot going for it, the staff were very helpful, the room was well equipped with a free mini bar that was stocked up everyday! The spa was a treat, as we went for four days we spent one of the mornings down there chilling out before we headed out for the day. There’s restaurants available but we didn’t have dinner in the hotel while we stayed as we opted for meals out.

We generally use to book our accommodation when heading away and both are available on the website.

Places to eat.

You can’t go to Amsterdam and not eat, I mean there’s literally food EVERYWHERE! As we’ve both been to Amsterdam before I wanted to try out a few different places on our list.

We didn’t do breakfast in the hotel every morning as we like to have the option to head out and eat in the city so we tried out Greenwood’s Tearooms for breakfast one morning. It’s definitely a popular spot to head for breakfast in Amsterdam from what we could see on the morning. It’s tucked in away from the busy city streets on a cosy corner. The food is super fresh and healthy, I would have went back every morning if I was allowed 😂.

For lunch we tried out two places – Ivy & Bros and Bakers & Roasters. Both two completely different places but both so so good. We happened to stumble across Ivy & Bros as we were wandering around. It’s a cosy little spot with more locals than tourists who head there. The coffee in Amsterdam is the best and they do the nicest flat white 👌🏻

I had to try out Bakers & Roasters after Emer from “Penneys to Prada” blog recommended it. It was a good 30 minutes away from our hotel but we didn’t mind as we got to enjoy the city walking to it. One of my favourite things to do is find new places. I cannot recommend this place enough the food was delicious. The staff were so friendly too I honestly loved it and would definitely head back.

Dinner & Drinks. One of my favourite things about Amsterdam is the variety when it comes to places to eat and drink. There are so many hidden gems around the city. We went for dinner all three nights while we were away. Some of the places we went to were from recommendations I received from followers over on my Instagram. So if you’re reading this and you gave a recommendation thank you!

Our first night we opted for Mr.Porter which is situated on the rooftop of the W Hotel. It’s such a cool spot for couples or groups. The food is amazing and the service is also good. I’m really into customer service as I find it tells a lot about a place. Food wise it’s mainly steaks but they have other options available. The cocktails are a must too! We headed into the W Lounge beside the restaurant afterwards and stayed for a few drinks. It’s very chilled out but they have a dj which was perfect for us!

Our second night we went for somewhere we’ve both never been before, M’Adam Amsterdam. The restaurant and bar is situated on the rooftop of the sky tower. With views over looking Amsterdam it’s a really cool spot to check out if you’re heading over. We both really enjoyed our dinner and it was quite reasonable too. We made reservations for both restaurants before we went over as we wanted to make sure we got a booking so I’d recommend to also do that if you have places in mind!

Our last night we went to a local Pizza restaurant, Cafe Piazza. It was about a 10 minute walk from the hotel which was perfect. Situated on one of the canals it gives you all the Amsterdam feels. It’s the perfect cosy spot for date night. The pizzas are so authentic, if you love a good pizza you won’t be disappointed with this place.

For somewhere to go for just drinks I would recommend Tales and Spirits. It’s a smallish cocktail bar residing in a lane just off Amsterdam central. Use Google maps to find it as it’s not the most prominent place for a bar but definitely worth a visit if you’re into cocktails.

Another cool spot I’ve visited before is Supperclub! It’s a busy night club in the city but you can also have dinner there too. We didn’t go this time around but it’s a must if you’re heading over with a group! There’s also the option of reserving a bed upstairs but be sure to book in advance. If you’re looking to do something fun before heading there, we went after we spent a few hours on the Supperclub cruise. You set out on the boat for a few hours, with a meal and some drinks then hop off and head to the nightclub. It’s something different to do and we all enjoyed it.

Sights. I could tell you all the places I love to go in Amsterdam but it would defeat the purpose of naturally exploring the city yourself. There’s so much walking you can get done in one day so be prepared when it comes to footwear. If you are there for a short amount of time, walk around as much as you can. Honestly the hours fly by when you are in Amsterdam. My favourite part to visit when I’m over is around by the busy flower markets. Also another good area to check out is around the Museumplain Park. Aside from all the bars and restaurants there is plenty of tourist attractions to do. Canal cruises are brilliant if you want to see Amsterdam without all the walking involved. There’s a few different types you can do and some involve dinner but we went with the basic cruise around the city.

Madame Tussaud’s is worth the visit, there’s always a bit of a wait in the queue so be prepared. You will spend around an hour inside laughing your head off though it’s great craic.

When booking your tickets for any of the attractions try and do it at the start of your day or preferably the day beforehand. Amsterdam can get so busy that something’s often get booked up. There’s ticket vendors all around the city or if your hotel has the facility to purchase tickets at reception I’d recommend doing so.
end but there is so many other good places to find. If you haven’t been to Amsterdam before I’d recommend putting it on your bucket list. Thanks for reading😊


Fashion Blog

Festive Attire

Hey Everyone, so with Christmas literally 12 days away I have decided to dedicate this blog post to outfit inspiration for over the festive season. I absolutely love Christmas but deciding what to wear on Christmas day can sometimes be a pain! When choosing an outfit I like to make sure I’m comfortable but still feel like I made an effort to dress up (a little) as I have so much running around to do on the day seeing family so comfort is definitely key. Here are some of my favourite pieces I spotted on Asos, everything is in stock too and Asos does next day delivery so you are sure to have it in time for Christmas day. Simply click on the image to redirect you to the buy section on the website, Happy Shopping!

img_2910img_2915img_2914img_2913img_2918img_2911-1img_2921img_2917img_2916img_2926img_2925img_2920img_2923img_2922img_2924img_2934img_2943img_2936img_2940img_2938img_2941img_2939img_2933img_2935img_2909img_2944-1img_2962-1img_2967-1img_2965-1img_2964-1img_2961-1img_2971-1img_2966-1img_2959-1img_2969-1img_2973-1img_2972-1img_2970-1img_2996-1img_2968-1img_3009-1img_3008-1img_3010-1img_3012-1img_3011-1img_3013-1img_2945img_2994-1img_2949-1img_2952-1img_2950-1img_2958-1img_2957-1img_2951-1img_2948-1img_2953-1img_2960-1img_2956-1img_2963-1img_2955-1img_2954-1img_2993-1img_3015-1img_3004-1img_3005-1img_3001-1img_2974-1img_2975-1img_2979-1img_2978-1img_2976-1img_2977-1img_2983-1img_2981-1img_2980-1img_2982-1img_2987-1img_2986-1img_2984-1img_2988-1img_2991-1img_2989-1img_2990-1img_2998-1img_2992-1img_2947img_2999-1img_3014-1img_2942img_2932img_2929img_2931img_2930img_2927img_2946img_2928img_3006-1Steph X


Christmas Gift Ideas

So it is safe to say I am officially in Christmas mode with it being 4 weeks till the big day! If you’re like me and still anticipating the Christmas shopping because you just don’t know where to begin with gift ideas fear not because there is actually some really good gift sets and ideas out there this year. From lips to hair there is a gift for just that so keep reading to check out more!

Coconut Beauty Bag XMAS17

The Body Shop Coconut Beauty Bag

We all tend to neglect our skin during the winter months when we probably should be looking after it more than ever. This trio of products from The Body Shop will ensure the person you’re gifting this too this Christmas will have the best skin aswell as smell like coconuts, who doesn’t want to smell like coconuts! It retails at €19.95 making it the perfect stocking filler or kris kindle present. Click on the product description to bring you to the website where you can purchase.

Bellamianta Dark Lotion Set

This Bellamianta gift set is perfect for those who love to glow all year round especially at Christmas! For €28 you get a full size bottle of the gorgeous dark self tanning tinted lotion, a 50ml size bottle of instant tan great for those last-minute top ups! It also comes with the double-sided velvet mitt for application.

Trilogy Rosehip Radiance Botanical Beauty Set

Trilogy have combined there bestselling Rosehip Oil Antioxidants+ which normally retails at €36.95 in this gift set for €44.95 alongside 2 other gorgeous products – A serum and cream cleanser. With benefits of glowing radiant skin who wouldn’t want this as a gift this Christmas.

Joico Glowingly Healthy Hair Unlocked Gift Set

Joico Glowingly Healthy Hair Unlocked Gift Set

I don’t think I’ve met someone who doesn’t want healthy shiny hair and in saying that this Joico gift set will do just that. The key to healthy hair is all about the products you use. In it you will receive 2 full size bottles of the Joico K-Pak Therapy Shampoo and Luster Lock for €24.80.

Image result for mark hill wand

Mark Hill Salon Professional Magic Wand

Looking to treat someone to a new wand this Christmas but don’t want to break the bank? This Mark Hill wand is my absolute favourite wand to use since I picked it up about 4 years ago in Boots. It only costs €43.32 at the moment which is amazing value for what you’re getting. I couldn’t live without mine it is so good!

Morphe 25 Colour Copper Spice Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup is probably the hardest thing to buy for some people as it comes down to buying the correct shade or type of product for their skin type. Ultimately you can never go wrong with an eyeshadow palette and this one from Morphe is a winner. It has warm shades that will suit most eye colours and shimmers to die for. Having bought 2 palettes from Morphe in the past I know that the shadows are super pigmented and blend beautifully so for the price of €22.95 you are getting a bargain!

12 piece set with brushes only

Blank Canvas 12 Piece Brush Set

I am a big fan of Blank Canvas brushes so there is no way I wasn’t going to include this fab brush set available. Inside the set contains 12 key brushes that will help to create a full makeup look. Price of the set is normally €80.00 but is reduced to €56.00 on the website.

Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set Star-Studded Eight

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set

This is the perfect gift for liquid lipstick lovers out there. Stila have designed this set with 6 best-selling shades from their collection aswell as including 2 new shades from their spring collection. With an array of shades from Nude to Red there’s a shade available for every occasion and be sure that they will last all day. Retailing at €48.80

download (1)

Benefit Work Kit, Girl!

This is the ultimate makeup kit for on the go. Benefit have included 4 key products in this gift set including a makeup bag. Mini size Roller Lash Mascara in black, Porefessional Face Primer, Hoola Matte Bronzer and Benetint Rose-tinted lip and cheek stain all for €35.00.

download (2)

Yankee Candle Pack of 4 Christmas Scented Candles and Votive Holder Gift Set

I am a huge fan of candles as they make such a difference to the ambiance of a room. Yankee Candle always have the best scented Christmas candles every year and they have this set available in Debenhams that includes 4 of the best Christmas smells in mini versions. This would make a great gift this Christmas and it’s currently reduced to €12.60.

Robes For You

Anything personalised goes down a treat at Christmas, especially something as cosy as a robe. I live in my dressing gown all year round but especially throughout the winter as it gets baltic in Ireland. Robes For You have a selection of gowns to choose from but my personal favourite is the white fluffy style. personalization can be done to the front and back and it comes delivered in a gorgeous box for presentation. Prices start from €34.99 with personalisation.

That is some of my gift ideas for this Christmas! Hopefully it helps some of you out when shopping as I know it can be so overwhelming. The best thing I find to do when buying gifts is to write out the list of people you need to buy for, give each person a budget and stick to it!

Happy Shopping,

Steph Xx


Brush Picks Part 2

So I am back with Part 2 on this Black Friday! Since Monday Blank Canvas have launched their 30% off discount code. I’ll be mentioning a few of them here aswell as some other of my faves.

In the last blog post I kept it about all the base brushes, if you haven’t read it just yet I’ll pop it here Brush Picks Part 1. I’m going to dedicate this one to my all time favourite eye brushes, liner brushes and brow brushes. Your eyes can dramatically change a makeup look so what brushes you use is vital in helping you to create one. As a working Makeup artist these are my tools for my work so quality is a must aswell as affordability.


TOP TIP… If you want a seemless blend make sure your brush is clean, a dirty brush will never give you the blended look you’re hoping to achieve and that goes with every makeup brush.

Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer

This brush helps create the most blended smokey eye you could imagine. The brush hairs are a mixture of natural and synthetic hair. I use this brush for my transition shade or to smoke out any harsh edges as it does it so well. Because of the shape of this fluffy brush it can also be used to create even a defined eye look! it retails at €10.50.

ZOEVA 221 Luxe Soft Crease

Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease

Another fab brush from Zoeva. This blends eyeshadow beautifully! Its super fluffy and it’s soft hairs allow for a gorgeous finish to any eye look, especially transition shades. It retails for €10.50.

Makeup Brush 6SS

Inglot 6SS

If you don’t own this brush by now BUY IT!! I bought my first one of these a few months back after hearing such good things about it and I was delighted with it. The large head allows for a super soft eye look in seconds. This is a brush I would definitely use on a everyday basis. It retails at a pricey €20 but oh so worth it!

E01 ROUND EYE BLENDING BRUSH | DefaultBlank Canvas E01 Round Eye Blending Brush

I always recommend that if you’re not comfortable with doing your eye makeup go for a smaller brush. Reason being is you will have more control over where the placement of the eyeshadow goes. This brush from Blank Canvas is perfect for creating a smokey eye but without the fear factor of making a mess. It’s small but definitely blends away any harsh edges with ease. It retails at €8 but is now reduced to €5.60.

Blank Canvas E08

The E08 is a must for applying eyeshadow to the lid or for smudging out the under eye shadow. I like to use this brush for applying a darker shadow all over the lid for a more pigmented look and using a fluffy brush to blend out any harsh edges. It retails at €7 but reduced to €4.90.

E27 Cute Mini Detailer | DefaultBlank Canvas E27 Mini Detailer

I love this brush as it has so many uses! I use this for applying highlighter to certain parts of the eye for e.g. brow bone and inner tear duct etc.. It’s also great for applying glitters to the eye because of the size and flat head it precisely applies it. Another use for it is for deepening the outer corner of the eye while still allowing for a soft look. It retails at €7 but reduced to €4.90.

E37 PENCIL (Vegan Friendly) | DefaultBlank Canvas E37 Pencil

Pencil brushes are a must for creating that super smokey under eye look. I would be lost without this one from Blank Canvas. The hairs are dense but super soft so you can still achieve that soft blown out look. It’s a good one for smoking out the upper lash line aswell. Retailing at €7 now reduced to €4.90.

Makeup Brush 31T

Inglot 31T

The best liner brush I have tried so far from Inglot. I use this for all my makeovers aswell as my own makeup and it is the dream for creating the perfect flick. The tip allows for a smooth application of gel liner for the flick and the rest of the brush defines the eye.

It washes amazingly and lasts so well. I also use this brush for applying brow gel to my brows. Double the benefits! It retails at €14.

So there you have it my top picks for Eyes! I have hyperlinked all the brush names to the websites where you can purchase and using the Black Friday discount codes available online to get them at a reduced price!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Steph Xx


Brush Picks Part 1

Happy Monday everyone! I’m back with another blog post this week and I’ve decided to do one all about brushes. If you don’t know by now but the key to a flawless finish to any makeup look is good clean brushes so I am all about quality over quantity when it comes to finding the right ones. There is an array of brush brands out there to choose from at the moment so it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide on a brand firstly and secondly what type so I hope this post helps some of you out. I have broken this post into two parts, the first part being all about the base. Keep an eye out for Part 2 which will be all about eyes and brows.


So lets start with the basics shall we! We all love a good flawless base wether it be sheer, medium or if you’re like me full coverage, I know basic or what… I have tried so many foundation brushes over the years but lately I stick to these 3 and I’ll explain why.

Blank Canvas F20

This foundation brush is a must have if you want your makeup to look flawless in seconds! It quickly buffs your makeup in for you while doing all the hard work. The flat head also works as a buffer, I gently press the brush into areas where I want more coverage. Its super soft and washes really well. I have about 4 of these in my kit as I just love using it! Blank Canvas have designed this with 3 different colour handles so there is a colour to suit everyone too! It retails at €14.99 or if you wanted to save some cash and buy a double pack for €20.00 I,ve linked it above simply click on the brush title.

Image result for ayu buffer brush

AYU Buffer Brush

This is another favourite of mine. I discovered the AYU brushes when Aimee Connolly gifted me with her set at the launch of Sculpted The Academy a few months ago. I have been hooked on the buffer brush ever since. It literally gives the most flawless finish while allowing your foundation to keep its coverage all thanks to the densely packed fibres. It’s a really good one for mineral foundation I find too, but it works just as good with liquid or creams. It retails at €13.50 and is available online or in selected pharmacies.

Zoeva 112 Face Curve

This is the holy grail when it comes to flat foundation brushes. I adore this for a full coverage finish. It allows the foundation to gently move around the face using the curve tip on top and its super soft! Its unlike any other flat foundation brush I’ve tried. It washes amazingly too. It retails at €16.00 and is available online, Arnotts Department Store or Brown Thomas.


A concealer brush is without a doubt the best buy you will ever make for your makeup. Trust me. So with that being said here are my faves.

Blank Canvas E36 Large Concealer

This brush is fab. I love how it applies concealer especially to the under eye area. Its super soft so it blends the product beautifully leaving a super flawless finish. I also love that it doubles up as an eyeshadow brush! The brush quality is really good for the price and it washes really well! I have mine over a year now and it’s still like new. It retails at €8.00.

142 Concealer and Buffer Brush

Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush

Another concealer brush must have! This brush is more rounded in comparison to the blank canvas one. It’s brilliant for buffing in liquid concealer to the under eye area and on the face for extra needed coverage. It retails at €10.13  but it’s currently reduced on Beauty Bay for €8.10.


So now that we have the base covered lets talk powder brushes. I am all about setting your base as it helps the rest of your makeup to sit on so much better. If you’re a pressed, loose or mineral powder gal here are my faves.

E3 Elite II Precision Pointed Powder Brush

Morphe E3 Elite II Precision Pointed Powder Brush

This powder brush is brush goals!! Its my go-to powder brush. I love the tapered head design for setting every part of the face with such accuracy. It’s SUPER soft, like unbelievably soft and it gives the nicest finish with most powders. I use this with a pressed powder mainly. It retails at €21.91 normally on Beauty Bay but right now its reduced to €11 absolute BARGAIN!!

Blank Canvas Dimension Series F39

Another powder brush must have from Blank Canvas. This is a large dome powder brush ideal for setting the whole face aswell as the under eye area. The synthetic fibres help to make this brush super soft and easy to clean. It retails at €14.99 on the Blank Canvas website.

Contour, Highlight & Blush.

The hardest components in every makeup look to achieve is contour, highlight and blush but having the right brush to apply each is essential for doing just that. I used to never wear blusher but as the years went on and I found the right brushes to help me apply it I’ve fallen in love with it. Contour has become the most popular makeup trend over the last few years but it’s not going anywhere yet! It’s all in the brushes when it comes to a super soft & natural contoured look. As for highlighter, how much you want to be seen from space depends on the application.

Blank Canvas F15

The blank canvas F15 is a favourite of mine for contouring. It’s a small tapered tip brush which makes it ideal for sculpting the face. What I love about this brush is the versatility and ability to create a soft natural contoured look or by holding the brush hairs a little tighter a more defined contoured look. It retails at €15.01.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush

Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush

This is the most gorgeous blusher brush I have ever owned. The angle of this brush allows for a natural finish to any powder blush. The hairs are made from high quailty natural synthetic hair blend so as you can imagine it’s so soft! It retails at €14.63 but is now reduced to €11.70 on Beauty Bay.

Blank Canvas F28 Fluffy Powder Contour Brush

This brush is described as a contour brush but I absolutely love using this for highlighter! The soft pony hair fibres make this brush amazing for applying highlighter to all parts of the face. It allows you to create a subtle highlighted look or an intense one whichever your preference. It retails at €9.00.

So that’s it for Part 1 everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the post! With it being Black Friday this week be sure to check out Blank Canvas Cosmetics for their amazing discounts on their website aswell as Beauty Bay that has 30% off too!

Happy Shopping,

Steph X

Travel Blog

Paris – The City of Love

Happy Tuesday everyone! So this is my official first post on the blog and I just couldn’t leave out our trip to the beautiful city Paris from last week. I had so many questions on snapchat that I got back to but we all know the situation with snapchat and how it expires after 24 hours. In most cases we would be thankful for that (que the Saturday Night flashbacks) but for information not so much. Therefore my reasoning for writing this post, so lets begin shall we!


I love a good bargain as much as the next person but especially on flights! When traveling abroad booking flights is almost the first thing a majority of us do and sometimes the price can hinder us to where we actual travel too. When I first priced the flights they were around €350 each! MADNESS!! So I did my research and found cheaper flights into Beauvais Airport instead of Charles De Gaulle (CDG). I managed to purchase return flights for €60 for the both of us. I did some googling (good owl trusty google) on transport from the airport into the city and I managed to find a shuttle bus service that is available right outside the airport. It cost €35 per person return and you can purchase a return ticket at the ticket office when you arrive. The shuttle bus is an hour and a half long so make sure to pop to the loo beforehand!


I love hotels, there is something about staying in one that gets me super excited so when I was searching for our hotel I was blown away with the hotels in Paris. The interiors inside some of them would make you want to live there! Anyways, I don’t have that much money so I’m going to erase that thought from my brain. When booking hotels I always use It’s really simple to use and always gives you the best deals. I like using the Map setting, I zoom into the area where I want to stay and it gives you a list of hotels in the area along with the star rating and price. In the end I booked the Marceau Champs- Élysées. It ticked all the boxes for me with location, price and wifi! One Night stay cost €160 mid week excluding breakfast, that was an extra €12pp. The room was a standard city size, we actually managed to get an upgrade to a deluxe double which was a nice gesture of the hotel. But even that size room was small, we didn’t mind as we weren’t in the room during the day. Location was mainly what I was after, I didn’t want to get taxis everywhere and as I don’t do public transport at home, I definitely wouldn’t do it abroad, super lazy I know! Everything was within walking distance from the hotel. Eiffel Tower about 20 minutes away, shopping and restaurants 10 minutes away, it was absolutely perfect.


As it was my first time in Paris with Chris to celebrate his birthday and our 4 year anniversary so I wanted to eat somewhere fab that had cocktails! Essentials. I was in Barcelona on a press trip back in March and we ate in Buddha Bar over there which was amazing so I had to go and check out the one in Paris. It didn’t disappoint, the food was amazing aswell as the cocktails (€19 a pop might I add) but the overall feel in Buddha Bar is super cool and funky.

City Sights.

I think at one stage on the Wednesday I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. Literally. Paris is just breathtakingly beautiful. From the architecture of buildings to the monuments it’s just WOW. We went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower on the first day and the views were stunning. We got super lucky with the weather while over there too, both days were great weather wise! It was chilly but nothing a jacket couldn’t fix. There are lots to do and see so if you plan on seeing everything there is a taxi boat that drops you off at each location around the city. We had the whole day to spare so we walked around everywhere and we got to see Paris in all its glory.

Overall I would highly recommend Paris for a romantic break away with the other half. It is for sure the city of love and I would definitely go back in a heartbeat. It is quite expensive over there so make sure to bring extra cash if you plan on doing a lot while over there but it’s worth it!

If you have made it to the end of the post thank you for taking time out of your day to read it! Finally, now that I have a website set up for some content I will try to keep the posts regular for you all 😊

Steph X


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